Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One Show Is Over; The Next One Begins

Well, I'm back from Houston. Quilt Festival was as good as ever. The quilts were outstanding (I will post pictures as soon as I get my laptop back from the repair shop - hopefully today) and there were 900 vendors. Talk about visual overload!!

Today I am off to assist with judging for our guild quilt show which is this weekend. Tomorrow is pipe and drape assembly, Thursday is hanging and then the show for two days. We have ~350 quilts to display plus the small quilt auction, guild Peony Shop, two featured artists, bed turning and more. If you are in the area, please try to stop by. The location is Westfield Middle School at the intersection of State Highways 31 & 32 north of Indianapolis.


Tina said...

I will be at the quilt show! I am planning on finding Jennifer, Jill, and Cathy, and hopefully will find you too!


Carol said...

I am pretty hard to miss - I'm 6' tall and have brown hair. See you there.