Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Project List

This list is not to be confused with the list I posted a few minutes ago.  This is a list of the projects I would like to work on/complete in 2011.  As you can see several of them have not even been started yet so they don't count as UFOs.  I will try to keep it current - I have already completed on project (I know - how hard can a tooth fairy pillow be?) and worked on another. 

 I plan to make a project list for knitting and cross stitch projects for 2011 also.  I just went down to Mass Ave Knit Shop with Stephanie on Tuesday and bought yarn for several projects - who can pass up the Deal of the Day or 30% off everything else?  I love to knit and I have more than enough to keep me busy for quite a while.

Well, I had better close and get to work.  Happy New Year to all.

Projects for 2011

Well, I have decided to jump in with both feet and enter Judy Laquidara's UFO challenge - I recently made up a 2011 Project List but several of the items have not yet been started.  Here are the 12 projects I will enter:


1.                  Quilt and bind Nancy Odom Thangles quilt for Clara
2.                  Quilt and bind pastel quilt for Jane
3.                  Complete assembly, quilt and bind Debbie Bowles quilt
4.                  Quilt and bind Christmas BOM quilt from early 1990’s (to Cyndia Gerner?)
5.                  Finish quilting and bind Debbie Bowles quilt
6.                  Finish assembling, quilt and bind snowman quilt (from Cincinnati retreat)
7.                  Finish assembling, quilt and bind convergence quilt
8.                  Add cording to blue and white pillow
9.                  Quilt and bind snowman quilt (five-yard quilt – to Kathy Yull; binding made)
10.              Quilt and bind fall wallhanging (to Kathy Yull?)
11.              Quilt and bind red/white/green quilt (to Paul Wycoff – binding made)
12.              Quilt and bind Thimbleberries Christmas wallhanging (binding made)
13.              Bind Thimbleberries snowman quilt (binding made)

I know - there are 13 but I figure I should push myself so I'll work on the one she doesn't choose before the end of the year. 

Now I just have to figure out how to link this post to Judy's blog before midnight.  Wish me luck.