Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Neat Gift

A couple of weeks ago, Jennifer gave me something that looked like a washcloth with something in it. She explained that it was a footwarmer. I was to heat it in the microwave for two minutes and it would make my feet warm. Wow! It works. Of course, the house smells like cooked rice but it certainly makes my feet warm. If you have cold feet, I can't recommend this enough. :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Loss of a Good Friend

This has been a hard week for me, my daughter and my bee. We have lost one of our founding members. She went in for a surgery that was not supposed to be very serious but there were other complications after the surgery that she could not overcome.

I first met Lois about five years ago when we both joined the bee that was formed by a group who were interested in making blocks. She and I hit it off right away and enjoyed the challenges of making the different types of blocks requested. Of course, she was a much more experienced quilter than I so she really had a head start on me.

We traveled to quilt shows together and became good friends. We co-chaired one of the day groups for our guild and then co-chaired the Program Committee. That was really fun as we enjoyed researching information for speakers and looking for good ones to bring to the guild. We worked on the guild quilt show together last year and we were looking forward to working together on the 2011 show which I am chairing.

Lois was a wonderful friend and I will miss her greatly. Who else can I call at midnight and talk about the seam that isn't working or the missing book? We spent lots of time talking about my grandkids Jenna and Jack whom she adored.

Farewell Lois - I know you are up there teaching Betsy Ross how to use a rotary cutter and mat.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Is Christmas Over Already?

It seems like it was just a short while ago I was finishing up and wrapping presents. Now it is 2010, I am a year older and the holidays are behind us. Wow! Where does the time go?

The pillowcases were for Jack and Jenna (Jen's kids). They were very pleased but since I made the digger pillowcase for Jack he has turned into a "Cars" kid. I'll keep looking for this fabric I guess.

My son was really impressed with the pictures in his wallhanging. They were taken in 1990 - long before there were digital cameras. I just copied the pictures I had on to fabric and went on from there. It was fun to make and I knew I had to do it when I first saw the Boy Scout fabric.

Here are a few pictures of presents I made:

Pay It Forward

Several months ago, Jen posted on her blog that she would send a gift to the first three people who responded to that entry. I was one of the lucky three and this is what I received:

It is the neatest bag - it holds all of my sewing supplies that I take with me when I travel to workdays, friend's homes or other places to sew. It is big enough to hold my 4"x7" ruler, scissors, thread and much more. It has handles on the end so it is really easy to grab when my hands are full.

Now I will continue Pay It Forward. The first three people who comment on this entry will receive a gift from me. They must then do the same thing. It doesn't have to anything terribly difficult; just something that is fun to make and that another person will enjoy.

I look forward to hearing from you.