JL UFO Challenge

UFO Challenge Projects
1.                  Quilt and bind Nancy Odom Thangles quilt for Clara
2.                  Quilt and bind pastel quilt for Jane
3.                  Complete assembly, quilt and bind Debbie Bowles quilt
4.                  Quilt and bind Christmas BOM quilt from early 1990’s 
5.                  Finish quilting and bind Debbie Bowles quilt (binding made)
6.                  Finish assembling, quilt and bind snowman quilt (from Cincinnati retreat)
7.                  Finish assembling, quilt and bind convergence quilt
8.                  Add cording to blue and white pillow
9.                  Quilt and bind snowman quilt (five-yard quilt – to Kathy Yull; binding made)
10.              Quilt and bind fall wallhanging (to Kathy Yull?)
11.              Quilt and bind red/white/green quilt (to Paul Wycoff – binding made)
12.              Quilt and bind Thimbleberries Christmas wallhanging (binding made)
13.              Bind Thimbleberries snowman quilt (binding made)