Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm Having Fun!!!

Yesterday and today I took workshops with Debbie Bowles. She is a really neat lady and a good teacher. I don't have yesterday's project sewed together enough to show yet but I do have today's fairly far along. Here it is:
Cutting free form curves was really neat. You have to take a deep breath when you do your first one but once you do it goes pretty easily. Sewing them together is a breeze as long as you don't get your pieces flipped (which I didn't do!).

I want to get the strips sewn together so that I can take it on our field trip on Monday to Shiisa. Jan has some great contemporary fabrics that I want to audition for the border. Debbie suggested black which I am seriously considering with a scrappy binding made up of the fabrics in the body of the quilt. Any thoughts?


Cheryl Willis said...

my first thought was a small inner border of back and then flying geese as the outer border. I think the triangles would play nice with the curves and add interest.
If you want to stay with the same look, go with black inner border and the more of the curves for the outer, it would spread the color around and keep the original visual feel. Whatever you do it will be neat. cw

Regina said...

ooh -that sounds great! I think the black would really frame it. Would you do a piano key or more geometric?

Stephanie said...

Yes, I think a pieced border might be a better complement than a plain border but for sure audition some pieces and see what you find.