Friday, May 31, 2013

Getting It Done

Another month has flown by!  I did pretty well with my goals this month.  Here is a summary:

1.  I finished all 16 of the blocks for the Block of the Month program for our day guild.  I did them all in batiks and "only" had to buy a few okay more than a few pieces so that I could finish them.  I love batiks so they are more than welcome to live in my stash.

2.  The birthday presents are just about finished.  The small ones are here:

I actually made two of the firecrackers. The quilt is next in line after Jen finishes a donation quilt she is making for the ALS society.  I hope to have it finished by the middle to end of June.

3.  I made the back for the graduation quilt and it is hanging by the front door waiting for Jen to quilt it.  She has been pretty busy at work and with the kids and, for some reasons, wants to work on her projects too so I don't mind waiting.

4.  I started a new project that will be ongoing for a while. Three of my bee mates and I have EQ and don't really know how to use it.  We decided to get together and work through it.  We have all made the centers of our quilts and are now working on the borders.  It is fun to work in a group as one of us can usually figure out the answer to a question.

I also stitched and knitted this month.  I am working on a pair of socks that I probably won't wear until the fall.  I am also beading my Christmas sampler - it is slow going but will definitely be stunning when it is finished.

I have completed all of my Pay It Forward projects and will get them in the mail in the next week or so and will post pictures then.  

Here is my premie quilt for May (made out of scraps):

I also finished the quilt I made for my great-nephew and he seems to like it:

My goals for June are:

1.  Finish Christmas quilt.

2.  Make a premie quilt (I am planning to do one a month this year).

3.  Work on another Christmas quilt that I started.

4.  Finish the socks.

Hope you have had a productive month too.  Go on over to Judy's blog to see how others have done this month.


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Jennifer said...

Taking away the things on me, it was a great month! :)