Sunday, May 5, 2013

Getting It Done - April

I'm a few days late posting my April accomplishments.  I got a good bit accomplished this month but not much was on my list of goals.

My April goals:
1.  Complete remaining Blocks of the Month - I did a couple but still have some to do.  I did find some great light batiks when I was in Maryland at Capital Quilts and I will be able to incorporate them in the blocks.
2.  Have baby quilt quilted and complete binding - Jen has it to quilt so I'm just waiting to finish it
3.  Finish March birthday presents - I completed one of two
4.  Make back, quilt and bind spring table runner - I actually completed this one!!

Here is the table runner and a closeup of the quilting (not a great picture) that Jen did for me:

Here is the birthday present that I finished:

Here are the "non-goal" projects that I finished:

I have had these banners on my design wall forever and when I finally got back upstairs I decided to get them done.  I have a weakness for seasonal projects whether it be quilting or cross stitch.  I have to keep reminding myself not to buy any more.

I made this Girl Scout doll quilt for my granddaughter.  I had already made her a large one but she loves her American Girl doll so this is perfect.  I still have enough fabric left over to try to make a doll Girl Scout uniform too. 

This is a premie quilt that I made with leftover blocks from the baby quilt that was on my list.  We have a neat young lady in our guild who is collecting premie quilts so I will be making more - maybe one a month.

My goals for May are:

1.  Finish blocks for Block of the Month (sound familiar?)
2.  Finish birthday presents (sound familiar again?)
3.  Prepare back for quilting for graduation present and have it quilted (I'm trying to help Jen reach her goal of quilting 20 items this year - I'm such a helpful mom aren't I?)
4.  Start a new project since I have nothing else to work on (I haven't had anything stronger than Diet Coke tonight!!)

Hope you had a good month too.  Go on over to Judy's blog to see how others did this month.



Karen said...

Great job this month. It must feel good to be back upstairs. You have such a great space.

Jennifer said...

Whoops, didn't realize the baby quilt was on your April list! Have it laid out on the frame and hope to have enough energy to get it loaded and started tomorrow!