Saturday, February 19, 2011

Update of Project List

I have finally updated my Project List.  I am including it in this post since it is quicker than editing my page.  I have lots to do and want to get started.  I have also added knitting and cross stitch projects.  As I look at it I think I am really dreaming although several are fairly quick to finish.  We'll see!  I will post pictures soon - I have a couple of things that are pretty close to being done.

Here it is:



1.                  Quilt and bind Nancy Odom Thangles quilt for Clara
2.                  Quilt and bind pastel quilt for Jane
3.                  Snowman quilt for Susan
4.                  Complete assembly, quilt and bind blue stars quilt
5.                  Complete assembly, quilt and bind Debbie Bowles quilt
6.                  Quilt and bind Christmas BOM quilt from early 1990’s (to Cyndia Gerner?)
7.                  Finish quilting and bind Debbie Bowles quilt
8.                  Start oriental quilt from Shiisa (have fabric and pattern)
9.                  Start batik quilt from pattern from Shiisa (have book and fabric)
10.              Make jumper (pattern from It’s A Stitch – have fabric)
11.              Finish assembling, quilt and bind snowman quilt (from Cincinnati retreat)
12.              Finish assembling, quilt and bind convergence quilt
13.              Make tooth fair pillow for Jenna (have pattern)
14.              Work on items for Peony Shop with bee
15.              Advent calendars for kids (not started but have materials)
16.              Seasonal wallhangings from Quilt Beginnings
17.              Small monthly quilts (from Shipshewanna and Houston – 9,  8, 7)
18.              Add cording to blue and white pillow
19.              Quilt and bind snowman quilt (five-yard quilt – to Kathy Yull; binding made)
20.              Quilt and bind fall wallhanging (to Kathy Yull)
21.              Quilt and bind red/white/green quilt (to Paul Wycoff – binding made)
22.              Work on roosters
23.              Quilt and bind Thimbleberries Christmas wallhanging (binding made)
24.              Oriental quilt from Shipshewanna retreat (have kit & Jen has pattern)
25.              Bind Thimbleberries snowman quilt (binding made)
26.              GS travel pillow and throw for mother/daughter bingo


  1. *Barbara’s scarf
  2. *Vest for me (have yarn)
  3. *Knitty hat for Jen (have yarn)
  4. *Socks (yarn for 8 pairs)
  5. *Traveling Woman shawl (have yarn)
  6. *Market bag (more than half completed)
  7. *Blue socks for Susan (2 pair)    
  8.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         *Hat for Jenna (have yarn)
  9. Red and white striped sweater for me (have yarn)
  10. *Lavender sweater for Jenna (have yarn)
  11. Lace wrap for me (have yarn)
  12. Girl’s sweater (partially done – will have to redo as it is small)
  13. Girl’s Peter Pan sweater (have yarn) 
  14.  Short sleeved sweater for Jenna (have  yarn) 
  15.  Rabbit hat (have yarn)

* - these are projects that I plan to work on this year.  With any luck I will be able to work on a few more.                                                                       


  1. Jack’s Birth Announcement (in progress)
  2. Jen and Mike’s Wedding Announcement
  3. Christmas Alphabet
  4. Birthday cross stitch for Ann

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Jennifer said...

You're making great progress - and could mark a few of the smaller ones off tonight if you bring them down!