Saturday, August 24, 2013

Where are the stripes?!?!?!?!

I went to Massachusetts to spend some quality time with four friends.  I took along two knitting projects so that I could work on the plane and in the car.

Here is the sweater that I am making for my granddaughter:

It is knitted from the top down and was very quick since it is all garter stitch.  In my haste to gather things, I didn't read the pattern carefully and, thus, didn't bring the double pointed needles necessary to finish the sleeves.  I'm working on them now and should have it done in the next week or so.

Since I couldn't work on the sweater I started the socks that I brought.  I bought some really neat looking self-striping yarn a while back because I thought it would look really good.  Well, here is how my first sock is turning out:

I am pretty disappointed!  I guess I should have signed up for Judy Laquidara's pooling challenge a couple of months back.  I think I might have had the winning pair.

Hop  on over to Judy's blog to see what progress others on making on their knitted projects.



Jennifer said...

Wow, can't believe how fast the sweater is coming together! She will love it!

Judy S. said...

Cute sweater Pattern, love the little collar! I'll bet it you'd have wanted it to pool, it probably wouldn't have. What's the yarn?

Carol said...

The yarn is Comfort by Berroco and the color is #9708. The pattern is "Knitting Pure and Simple" Children's Neckdown Cardigan. The neat thing is that it has three options - crew neck finish, color and hood. It has a zipper down the front and can be made for sizes 2-12.