Sunday, March 31, 2013

Getting It Done

Another month has flown by.  I had a great time on our retreat and got a good bit accomplished although I didn't make much progress on my March goals.  Here is a summary:

1. I finished the PIF scarf.  I just have to block it and then all five projects will be ready to put in the mail.
2. I have been working on my cross stitch project but found that I didn't have any of the beads I needed.  I now have most of them and hope to get started beading this month.  It will take a while - there are a  lot of beads on this sampler!
3. I didn't even get to working on the BOM blocks.  It will be a high priority in April.
4. I did get part of the quilt cut out.  I took it with me on the retreat but instead worked on the baby quilt that was a goal for a previous month.

Here are a few pictures from the retreat and my projects that I worked on this month:

I didn't have time to do any pre-cutting before retreat so I cut out this top and finished it there.  I used contemporary fabrics instead of the standard blue, yellow, pink and green.  I am pleased with it.  Below is a premie quilt that I made using squares left over from the border.

I also made a Girl Scout doll quilt for my granddaughter - I have made three lap size quilts as well as pillows from the GS fabric that I picked up on sale and I still have more left.  I think I see another doll quilt for Mother/Daughter Bingo.

After I got home I made this miniature Christmas quilt (the center star is ~3") that I picked up at Quilt Festival in Houston and these bunny towels.

Now I have to get serious about my April goals.

1. Complete remaining Blocks of the Month
2. Have baby quilt quilted and complete binding
3. Finish on March birthday presents
4. Make back, quilt and bind spring table runner

These are not terribly difficult and I should be able to accomplish them.  Keeping my fingers crossed.
to see how others made out on their goals.

Have a great month.



Norece said...

Gotta love the bunny towels. The baby quilt is perfect for a boy or girl.

Linda said...

The LOVE baby quilt is adorable. Were those appliqué or printed? You had a good month.

Jennifer said...

I haven't seen your bunny towels yet - they are cute! Maybe you should go back to having 9 goals - that seemed to work better for you!

Carol said...

Thanks Norece. The towels were fun and quick. The baby quilt is for my great nephew who was born around Thanksgiving.

Carol said...

Linda, the letters and bears were appliqued. I used Wonder-Under to fuse them down and then did a buttonhole stitch around all the parts. I am hoping this month will be as productive and I might even work on some of my goals. Today I sewed with my bee and worked on two projects that are not on my list but have to be finished.