Thursday, February 7, 2013

February Goals and Update on January Goals

Well, here are my January goals and notes about my progress:

My projects for January are:

1.  complete blocks and assemble 2012 Buck A Block top - the blocks are done and I have assembled 2/3 of the top.  I plan to finish it in the next few days - maybe over the weekend.

2.  complete and assemble Presents top - Done!  Here is a picture of it:

3.  start working on project for my best friend's birthday in March - I worked on it a bit but have no real progress to show.

4.  begin quilt for my great-nephew (he is one month old so I have time to get it done before he knows that I didn't have it ready when he was born) - I have all the fabric together and have looked at it several times but, again, no progress.

Other hopefuls:

I have been doing a good bit of knitting recently so hope to work on a scarf and one or two hats.  Maybe since there is 14+" of snow on the ground I will be motivated to get them well underway. I finished a potato chip scarf for a Pay It Forward that I posted on Facebook.  I also started another scarf (not the same pattern) for the PIF and will continue to work on it.

I also plan to continue working on my Christmas alphabet cross stitch sampler.  It will be stunning when it is completed.  I didn't start it until I finished my daughter and son-in-law's wedding sampler: I made pretty good progress on this project.  I have eight letters left to stitch and then the buttons and beads will be added.

I did accomplish a few other things during January.  I completed a tree block for a bee friend.  I completed the first Block of the Month for 2013 and made good progress on three seasonal wall hangings that were not on my list. I also took a Fair Isle knitting class with my friend Stephanie.  Since I have been working on the PIF projects I have not devoted a lot of time to completing it.  It won't take terribly long and I plan to get back to it soon. I am also coordinating the Block of the Month for our daytime guild with my friend Kathy.  I made five of the blocks. I also worked on my Blue and White Stars top.  This has been hanging over my head for a while.  My friend Kay and I have been working on ours for about two years - there are 15 segments with lots of different fabrics and a large variety of blocks along with a million flying geese!!

Goals for February:

1.  Complete Blue and White Stars top.  I worked on it today and finished the last segment.  It is partially assembled so it shouldn't take me long to finish it.  Then I will make the binding so that I am ready to finish it after I get it quilted.

2.  Complete 2012 Block of the Month top.  Again, I have all the fabric for the borders and should be able to finish it this month.

3.  Complete most/all of the Block of the Month blocks for guild.  We are going to present 16 - one for each month and four bonus blocks scattered throughout the year.

4.  Complete at least one of the seasonal wall hangings.  

5.  Continue working on the PIF scarf.

6.  Bind the PIF table runner that I cut, assembled and quilted at bee work day last Monday.  The binding is on and I will sew it done at our bee next Monday.

7.  Complete stitching letters for Christmas sampler and maybe start adding beads.

8.  Work on birthday present and baby quilt.

9.  Plan and cut out pieces for a Girl Scout throw for Mother/Daughter Bingo in April

I think that is it for now.  It is enough to keep me off the street I guess and maybe out of the quilt stores.

I am out of my boot and able to get upstairs again being slow and careful (no surprise there!!).  I hope to get my sewing machine, etc., back in my sewing room this weekend and then work on getting it straightened out.  I haven't been up there for ~two months and everyone has been great about bringing stuff down and taking stuff up.  Of course, I just kept saying "Oh, put it on my cutting table."  You can guess what my table looks like now.

Have a great month and check Judy's blog to see progress others have made.


Jennifer said...

That's quite a list - it is supposed to be 4 goals!!

Carol said...

I guess I got carried away! Can't wait to see if my enthusiasm lasts all month.